Global trade


Core Industries Served

Companies across many industries rely on us to transform their complex logistics challenges into cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Air Cargo Handling

First rate ground handling and warehousing services. One phone call handles all of your airline cargo handling service needs.



Our people are the backbone of our business. With a multicultural mix of over 5,300 employees, we provide high-quality training and reward recognition to ensure an exceptional level of service. Whatever your needs, we’ll find a way.



We connect you to the world’s supply chains, with a virtual network of 300 destinations spanning 80 countries across 6 continents, including 50 dedicated freighter locations



Emirates SkyCentral is our state-of-the-art multi-airport operations hub in Dubai linked by a bonded truck service. Within this facility is Emirates SkyPharma, the world’s largest GDP-certified pharmaceutical cargo hub.

Global Integrated Logistics

Commercial Freight Services

We provides a wide range of industrial, residential, and small business freight solutions. We can plan and manage ongoing freight logistics needs for your business or complete a one-time shipment that is too large, awkward, fragile, or difficult for other carriers to handle.

Shipping Services

Our experience in international goods shipping enables us to offer quality sea freight imports and exports through our customs agents.

This is the fastest way to send and receive shipments no matter where you are located on the planet, and we have over  years of experience doing just that.

Private Cargo Services

You’ve just made the cross-country flight when you realize you left something important behind. Yes, we’ll get it to you—quickly and discreetly. Unlike the post office or unreliable shipping, we have cargo-specific aircraft managed by reliable pilots and staff who will ensure your packages arrive exactly where you need them, when you need them.

What Makes Us different?

Our extensive knowledge and experience in international relocation and specialised cargo moving allows us to offer wide range of commercial shipping services at affordable rates. We’re the perfect single source for all your transportation needs as we reduce costs and save you both time and money. One call, one invoice provided by one consistent quality transportation supplier.


Digitally Enabled

Systems and technology that drive efficiency for customers



Green solutions, rigorous labor standards, supplier compliance and care for communities


Specialist Logistics Solutions

Specialized solutions for exhibition and events, chemicals, defense and government, fuel, and project logistics


Emerging Markets

Experts in logistics and infrastructure for the world’s fastest-growing economies

Have Any Questions ?

Let us know how we can assist you with your shipments by either calling the general line number, sending us an e-mail, or visiting our main offices.

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